Thursday, May 24, 2007

Malware, Spyware And Google

This is rather funny in a way, you should read this paper Ghost In The Machine it is informative, though it can cause a chuckle or two.

The reason why it's funny in a way is because one of the sites that google Blogger recommends to use for a Hitscounter is Statcounter you can find the recommendation here

Google recommends these Counters

The funny thing is once you install this little piece of code you will find that programs like Spybot and Addaware will give you a warning after a scan that what some people consider is spyware has been found on your computer.You can try it all by yourself paste the Statcounter code in your webpage then visit your site, make sure your computer is clean beforehand and just go to your Blog or Homepage right after you run the scan so that you know you are free of any Spyware, Malware and if you want drop back here and let me know what you found I know what I did.

Maybe Google needs to look in their own backyard first before they take on the rest.

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