Monday, May 30, 2011

World Of Warcraft Cataclysm A Cataclysmic Failure Part II


Its been a few months since my last review of World Of Warcraft Cataclysm and I'm not sure what I can say other than its still a Cataclysmic Failure. Blizzard just released a new patch and some new content, it looks like what they have tried to do is bribe the Tank and Healer classes with some goodie bags in order to try and entice them to que up more for the random Instances.

This in my opinion is just another failure! what Blizzard has done is reward bad behaviour these classes have all ready had an over blown sense of self importance due to game dynamics that make them seem to be more important than DPS classes. Blizzard/World Of Warcraft should have been working on making all classes important to a groups success rather than feeding the Tanks and healers more stuff.

One might argue that the wait times for new content are high still at the 30 to 45 min for DPS classes on the Blackwater Raider server for heroic top end content due a shortage of Tanks and Healers and an over abundance of DPS classes so you need to entice the tank and healers to join these randoms, what I have found is this has made tanks and healers feel even more untouchable for rude and plain asshole like behaviour, while it alienates the DPS (damage per second) classes even more and hey Blizzard if those classes are your bread and butter subscribers why do that? 

Perhaps Blizzard should have been using the time to make the DPS classes more important after all if they are the majority of players why alienate them from the game even more? Also why not open up the DPS classes to more servers/Batlegroups to lessen wait times as opposed to bribes? 

In the end I think the game is still broke and losing players because of this type of game design and dynamics, some people say the game has lost 2 million players although this might be due to some licensing problems with chinese servers or maybe the game content has just caused people to leave after all you can only take so much abuse from both players that have been given a sense of entitlement through bribes/gifts from Blizzard and Blizzard seeming to be willing to ignore the problems that the DPS classes are having because of this and game design. 

What else can I say If you like playing a DPS class hold off buying the expansion there are still just too many problems for those classes, if you are good at being a tank or healer you will be fine. 

In ending I want to know what you think, maybe you are on a different server and you have different experiences?  maybe things are much better on your server? or worse though thats hard to imagine. Maybe you have a much different opinion about whats going on? I want to know about what you have been experiencing  and thinking please leave  comments.