Sunday, December 13, 2009

E-Bay And Paypal In The European Union

You can now start filing legal action against E-Bay & PayPal in the European Union! You don't even need to hire a lawyer at all.

Firstly,read this; .

Secondly,read this; .

Download the form marked 'en',then fill it in & send.

The European Commission will even accept complaints made anonymously,even if they are lodged from outside Europe.

Please state that you want to invoke Article 82d. of the European Union Treaty,which will generate a complaint against the authorities of all 27 European Union member states for failing to apply E.U. law against eBay & PayPal. - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

If enough people file complaints to the European Commission against E-Bay & PayPal,they WILL take notice & they will file a legal case in the European courts on behalf of consumers.

If legal action does occur in Europe,then hopefully,that will spur the authorities in other countries,including both America & Canada,to file legal action against both E-Bay & PayPal in their own legal jurisdictions.