Friday, May 25, 2007

Area 419 Sorry the Number You Have Dialed is Not In Service Please Try Again (An Old Scam) Part Two

Since it's Friday and the weekend is upon us I thought I would end off the week with a laugh. Here is another one of those 419 scams, as I get them I will post them here so people can see them and have an idea of what they are like. I'm still surprised that people fall for these things. I really Liked " The armed Rubbers" part in the response it's great for a chuckle or two.

From Miss Blessing Soke
Bp ave 6 Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire

Pls do response via this email address :

Dear one,

It is my pleasure to contact you for a business venture which I intend to establish in your country for our mutual benefits hence I write with due respect .

I am Blessing Soke and I inherited an important sum of money from my late father who was killed by the rebels in northern part of the country in a recent crisis in Cote d'Ivoire in 2004. I wish to request for your assistance in transfering and investing this money in a lucrative venture under your directives and guidiance in your country.

I want you to assist me for the transfer of this sum of Three million, five hundred thousand United State Dollars.($3.500,000)to your account designate hence I will give you the contact of the bank where the money is so that you can contact them immediately and discuss with them since I do not know much about financial issues.

I will give you some resonable percentage from the total sum for your assistance while I pray that you do not betray me at last. Please it is important you contact me immediately for more clarifications on the next step hence it is my wish to relocate to your country as soon as this transaction is concluded.
Awaiting your immediate response via this email address :
God bless you.

Miss Blessing Soke .

My Reply

Hello Blessing Soke,

I would like to be of service please forward to me the details on how
I might be able to assist you.
Keep in Mind I know this is a con job I'm fishing to see what the response will be.

Here is the response

My Dear,

Thanks a lot for your mail, This is a long story that tears don't allow me explain to you out my condition and what i have been passing through here since the death of my father. Infact it is by the grace of God i contact you, i prayed and ask God to do his wish if you will be my messiah in this my agony. I know this may come to you as a surprise but
please, i want you to find it in your heart to help me out of the agony am facing here, I am hiding in a guest house now because of my uncle who would have been my father, but turn to hunt for my life because of the only thing i inherited from my father.

Like i told you that before the death of my father , he advise me to seek for a reliable partner who will help me transfer this money and invest it wisely,since his death, his junior brother has claim everything and even the cars my father left, that is not my problem but he turns to hunt for my life because of the onlything i inherited, that is why i ran away to the church but still he wanted to kill me that he even sent some armed rubbers to harm the Rev Father, the Rev father has to advise me to go and secure a hiding place in one of the guest house, that is where i find my self in agony, even feeding here is difficult to me,

Please i have consulted the bank here about the deposit and informed them that i want to transfer the money abroad and they said that they will hear from my partner before they commence the transfer, Please for God sake, i want you to stand as my guardian towards the deposit so that the bank will release into your account and you kindly help me come
over to your country and start a new life, I have with me here the documents about the deposit and i can send it to you please help me out, i need your urgent assistance.

Please what i need from you now is to indicate your interest towards contacting the bank on my behalf so that they will transfer the money to your account.please do send your picture to me for more details and also give me your tel number so that i will call you. this is my number where you can reach me +22508747657

I will be expecting your kind mail please urgent and always remember me in prayer as am facing agony here and even feeding is very difficult to me and all my hope relies on the deposit. God bless and give you the strenght to help me out.
Thanks for your concern and may God continue to bless you .
Regard from

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Malware, Spyware And Google

This is rather funny in a way, you should read this paper Ghost In The Machine it is informative, though it can cause a chuckle or two.

The reason why it's funny in a way is because one of the sites that google Blogger recommends to use for a Hitscounter is Statcounter you can find the recommendation here

Google recommends these Counters

The funny thing is once you install this little piece of code you will find that programs like Spybot and Addaware will give you a warning after a scan that what some people consider is spyware has been found on your computer.You can try it all by yourself paste the Statcounter code in your webpage then visit your site, make sure your computer is clean beforehand and just go to your Blog or Homepage right after you run the scan so that you know you are free of any Spyware, Malware and if you want drop back here and let me know what you found I know what I did.

Maybe Google needs to look in their own backyard first before they take on the rest.

let me know what you think Leave a comment.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Victoria Day

Today is Victoria day a celebration and a Holiday in Canada to remember Queen Victoria's Birthday, as I write this fire works are going off everywhere, it's the first long weekend, though it's been a bit cold, I can't wait for Summer to get here.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Michael Moore What Do Think ?

What do you think, is Micheal Moore being Investigated because of his stance on the Bush Administration and his critical films about it?

The British Trade Dollar ( Coinage And History)

With the extension of British trading interest in the East, especially after the founding of Singapore 1819 and Hong Kong in 1842, it became necessary to produce a special Dollar so as to remove the reliance of a British Colony upon the various foreign coins then in circulation. The two Pictures above are Trade Dollars from my collection both from the reign of Victoria, One is a 1897 B Mint the other is a 1900 B mint

China Trade, Silver Dollars were a direct result of the Opium Wars (1839-1843, 1856-1860), which began when China tried to stop Britain from selling opium to its citizens. The loser, China, had to open up a number of ports to British trade and residence, and cede Hong Kong to Britain. In the decades that followed, merchants and adventurers flocked to these areas, and international trade flourished. Foreign banks were established, and large silver coins from all over the world began arriving to pay for tea, silk, and Chinese porcelain to be shipped abroad. These .900 fine silver trade dollars were then circulated throughout China, where they were readily accepted as a medium of exchange. The British Trade Dollars, minted exclusively for use in the Far East, depict Britannia standing on shore, holding a trident in one hand and balancing a British shield in the other, with a merchant ship under full sail in the background. On the reverse is an arabesque design with the Chinese symbol for longevity in the center, and the denomination in two languages— Chinese and Malay.

The British Trade Dollar was minted from 1895, with the last being produced in 1935. Those with the mint mark "B" were produced at the Bombay mint; others, marked "C", were struck in Calcutta. The mint mark "C" can be found in the ground between the left foot of Britannia and the base of the shield, while the mint mark "B" is located in the centre prong of the trident. The 1921-B dollar was struck but never released for circulation, and only a limited number of 1934-B and 1935-B coins were released. Certain dates are found with a new date being over-struck on another; these include 1897-B over 1896-B, 1900-B over 1894-B, 1901-B over 1900-B, 1909-B over 1908-B, 1904-B over 1898-B, 1903-B over 1902-B, 1908-B over 1903-B, 1904-B over 1903-B, 1929-B over 1901-B, 1908-B over 1907-B, and 1910-B over 1900-B. The British Trade Dollar was demonetized on August 1, 1937.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Shipwreck Treasure Found III

Shipwreck Treasure Found Part II

It looks like the secracy will go one for a bit here is a report for today where they speculate that the shipwreck find was off the coast of Corwall, so now we have two places either off the coast of Flordia or Corwall another interesting thing was the stock for the company clossed out yesterday up by Eighty Percent.

Odyssey Marine Exploration Stock

So all in all this is going to be fun to follow.

Record wreck 'found off Cornwall'

The haul was salvaged using a tethered underwater robot

The haul of coins

A record haul of half a million silver and gold coins from a 17th Century shipwreck may have been found just 40 miles from Land's End, an expert said.
US treasure hunters said the coins, worth an estimated $500m (£253m), were recovered in the Atlantic Ocean.

But Odyssey Marine Exploration, who described it as the largest find of its kind, refused to pinpoint the location.

US coin expert Dr Lane Brunner said there was evidence the shipwreck was lying off the Cornish coast.

Dr Brunner, from the American Numismatic Association, told Five Live there were clues about the location in a statement given to a US federal court in the autumn.

"They told a judge at that point that they had found the wreck of a seventeenth-century merchant ship in the Atlantic Ocean, just outside the English Channel - about 40 miles off Lands' End.

So all we can do is add two and two together
Dr Lane Brunner

"So all we can do is add two and two together. It would seem logical given the timing and everything that could be the site."

In 1641, an English ship called the Merchant Royal sank off the Scilly Islands, laden with bullion from Mexico. There is speculation that this is the wreck salvaged by Odyssey.

'Dazzling specimens'

Odyssey said it had kept the location secret because of security and legal reasons.

"The gold coins are almost all dazzling mint state specimens," Odyssey co-founder Greg Stemm said.

The artefacts, including more than 17 tonnes of silver coins plus a few hundred gold coins, have been shipped to the US and are being examined by experts at an undisclosed location.

The mammoth haul was salvaged using a tethered underwater robot.

Odyssey, which used the code name Black Swan, said it expected the wreck to become one of the "most publicised in history".

It said the site was of huge historical importance because of the insight it would offer into seafaring and the social life of the period when the ship sank.

"Our research suggests that there were a number of colonial period shipwrecks that were lost in the area where this site is located, so we are being very cautious about speculating as to the possible identity of the shipwreck," said John Morris, Odyssey's co-founder.

"We have treated this site with kid gloves and the archaeological work done by our team out there is unsurpassed.

"We are thoroughly documenting and recording the site, which we believe will have immense historical significance," he said.

Odyssey said the coins were recovered in international waters, "beyond the legal jurisdiction of any country", and had been legally imported into the US.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Shipwreck Treasure Found

This is interesting wish they could release more
details about what coins they found or what ship it
might be. I hope the respect the archaeological
aspects of the site as well. It could be very exceptional if it is a
British Ship.

I hope you find it interesting, as I think we will
probably see these coins at some point on the market.

TAMPA, Fla. - Deep-sea explorers said Friday they have
mined what could be the richest shipwreck treasure in
history, bringing home 17 tons of colonial-era silver
and gold coins from an undisclosed site in the
Atlantic Ocean. Estimated value: $500 million.

A jet chartered by Tampa-based Odyssey Marine
Exploration landed in the United States recently with
hundreds of plastic containers brimming with coins
raised from the ocean floor, Odyssey co-chairman Greg
Stemm said. The more than 500,000 pieces are expected
to fetch an average of $1,000 each from collectors and

"For this colonial era, I think (the find) is
unprecedented," said rare coin expert Nick Bruyer, who
examined a batch of coins from the wreck. "I don't
know of anything equal or comparable to it."

Citing security concerns, the company declined to
release any details about the ship or the wreck site
Friday. Stemm said a formal announcement will come
later, but court records indicate the coins might come
from a 400-year-old ship found off England.

Because the shipwreck was found in a lane where many
colonial-era vessels went down, there is still some
uncertainty about its nationality, size and age, Stemm
said, although evidence points to a specific known
shipwreck. The site is beyond the territorial waters
or legal jurisdiction of any country, he said.

"Rather than a shout of glee, it's more being able to
exhale for the first time in a long time," Stemm said
of the haul, by far the biggest in Odyssey's 13-year

He wouldn't say if the loot was taken from the same
wreck site near the English Channel that Odyssey
recently petitioned a federal court for permission to

In seeking exclusive rights to that site, an Odyssey
attorney told a federal judge last fall that the
company likely had found the remains of a 17th-century
merchant vessel that sank with valuable cargo aboard,
about 40 miles off the southwestern tip of England. A
judge signed an order granting those rights last

In keeping with the secretive nature of the project
dubbed "Black Swan," Odyssey also isn't talking yet
about the types, denominations and country of origin
of the coins.

Bruyer said he observed a wide range of varieties and
dates of likely uncirculated currency in much better
condition than artifacts yielded by most shipwrecks of
a similar age.

The Black Swan coins - mostly silver pieces - likely
will fetch several hundred dollars to several thousand
dollars each, with some possibly commanding much more,
he said. Value is determined by rarity, condition and
the story behind them.

Controlled release of the coins into the market along
with their expected high value to collectors likely
will keep prices at a premium, he said.

The richest ever shipwreck haul was yielded by the
Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha, which sank
in a hurricane off the Florida Keys in 1622.
Treasure-hunting pioneer Mel Fisher found it in 1985,
retrieving a reported $400 million in coins and other

Odyssey likely will return to the same spot for more
coins and artifacts.

"We have treated this site with kid gloves and the
archaeological work done by our team out there is
unsurpassed," Odyssey CEO John Morris said. "We are
thoroughly documenting and recording the site, which
we believe will have immense historical significance."

The news is timely for Odyssey, the only publicly
traded company of its kind.

The company salvaged more than 50,000 coins and other
artifacts from the wreck of the SS Republic off
Savannah, Ga., in 2003, making millions. But Odyssey
posted losses in 2005 and 2006 while using its
expensive, state-of-the-art ships and deep-water
robotic equipment to hunt for the next mother lode.

"The outside world now understands that what we do is
a real business and is repeatable and not just a lucky
one shot deal," Stemm said. "I don't know of anybody
else who has hit more than one economically
significant shipwreck."

In January, Odyssey won permission from the Spanish
government to resume a suspended search for the wreck
of the HMS Sussex, which was leading a British fleet
into the Mediterranean Sea for a war against France in
1694 when it sank in a storm off Gibraltar.

Historians believe the 157-foot warship was carrying
nine tons of gold coins to buy the loyalty of the Duke
of Savoy, a potential ally in southeastern France.
Odyssey believes those coins could also fetch more
than $500 million.

But under the terms of a historic agreement Odyssey
will have to share any finds with the British
government. The company will get 80 percent of the
first $45 million and about 50 percent of the proceeds

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Vista Day One

I thought it might be interesting to give some updates about the trials and tribulations of using Vista.

This is day one, so far I have spent way too much time removing crapware on top of that you have the constant barrage of yes or no's being asked to run or not run a program.

This in my opinion is a crock of you no what, so that Microsoft can claim they are concerned about security, as these messages do not give you any useful information and for the lay person creates a condition of a person just saying yes without really knowing what they are saying yes to just to get the system to work.

It also creates for Microsoft Vista a tech support excuse of Hey you caused the problem not us, you clicked yes! as opposed to saying hey we created a system that has legacy code and still has poor security, using Vista feels all most like it's running on top of XP so far it just does not feel right.

Also Vista is a RAM Hog Computers are being shipped with the bare minimum needed to run each flavour of Vista, I'm running the premium flavour with one gig of Ram, it's not enough in my opinion you need at least Two gigs and for things to get back to a XP like speed you need Three GiGs and a good graphics card if you want anything near average performace in the real world.

Needless to say I'm not impressed, maybe in time I will change my mind, but so far Vista is all flash and hype with no substance stay away from it at all costs. That's my opinion, let me know what you think? Do you Like Vista or do you hate it?

Friday, May 11, 2007


I just bought a new computer from HP, I must say I'm not thrilled, Vista is slow and Flashy, yet I don't see much of an improvement over XP SP2 if you have any choice at all stick with that.

The other thing I really hate is all the crapware that's being loaded I have spent hours trying to get rid of it as some of it is in hidden folders or have logfiles missing that one I keep getting when I try to get rid of the yahoo toolbar, needless to say I'm really ticked off with that. When are company's going to figure out that crapware just annoys your customers too death, at the very least make it easy to remove. No one likes something forced on them. All I can say is I'm going to put my money where my mouth is and the next computer I buy will be crapware free if I have to build it myself.

Computer company's take note people don't want Crapware.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I'm Still Here

I'm still here, I'm sorry to say I have not been posting much as for the most part nothing has really grabbed my attention enough to want to write about it. I guess everyone has that experience every now and then, hopefully with spring here and the days getting nicer I will find something to write about.