Saturday, May 12, 2007

Vista Day One

I thought it might be interesting to give some updates about the trials and tribulations of using Vista.

This is day one, so far I have spent way too much time removing crapware on top of that you have the constant barrage of yes or no's being asked to run or not run a program.

This in my opinion is a crock of you no what, so that Microsoft can claim they are concerned about security, as these messages do not give you any useful information and for the lay person creates a condition of a person just saying yes without really knowing what they are saying yes to just to get the system to work.

It also creates for Microsoft Vista a tech support excuse of Hey you caused the problem not us, you clicked yes! as opposed to saying hey we created a system that has legacy code and still has poor security, using Vista feels all most like it's running on top of XP so far it just does not feel right.

Also Vista is a RAM Hog Computers are being shipped with the bare minimum needed to run each flavour of Vista, I'm running the premium flavour with one gig of Ram, it's not enough in my opinion you need at least Two gigs and for things to get back to a XP like speed you need Three GiGs and a good graphics card if you want anything near average performace in the real world.

Needless to say I'm not impressed, maybe in time I will change my mind, but so far Vista is all flash and hype with no substance stay away from it at all costs. That's my opinion, let me know what you think? Do you Like Vista or do you hate it?

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