Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Ontario Election The Day After The Vote

Well the official count is in and the Liberals won a majority government the first one back to back in over seventy years. This gives the government a clear mandate to start working on the issues like health care, taxes, infrastructure and education.

It should be interesting though as those issues were overshadowed in the election because of the debate on faith based schools. John Tory really put his foot in his mouth on that one and killed any chance of seeing a minority government or even a Conservative majority.

I suspect John Tory will not be around for long, as he did not even win a seat in Parliament, that's not a good thing when you are the leader of a party. This though I think will open up the doors for the more extreme member's of his party. So we will probably see an surge for new leadership from the neo-conservatives in the party, and a an attempt by them to move back to those policy's that were so popular under The Harris regime. This is not a good thing.

Dalton McGuinty's majority government has it's work cut out for it as voters have either forgotten all his broken promises from the last election or they have become so cynical that they no longer care. Thias could be a possibility as we saw the lowest turnout for an election ever at only Fifty Percent of eligible voters.

The Liberals this time around though will have no one to blame for their woes, this time they can't claim they did not know what the debt is or use all the other excuses they made to explain away why they could not keep their promises. This time around it's all on their heads, remember everyone you get the government you deserve in the end.


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