Thursday, April 10, 2008

Make a Difference for Tibet II

tahoejimbo420 said...
It will not do any good, the wealthiest communist capitalistic government in the world (and loans the US billions of dollars, who opened up trade relations in the 70's under Nixon) doesn't care.
Tibet, and Tienanmen Square and other atrocities should show that US quickly forgets, and had adopted torture as accepible.
Until there is a huge change in OUR government it will remain the status quo.

Thank You for your comment. I do think some things can work though.

We may be lacking leadership from the Democratic country's, but I'm talking about company's who advertise and sponsor the Olympic games. If a large number of people make it clear to those company's that they will make it a point to not buy their products, that affects those company's directly and hurts their reputation and bottom line. Company's respond to that and might with the right amount of pressure from the public pull their adds.

The last thing you want as a company is a Tainted product that will be associated with Human rights abuses.


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