Friday, May 16, 2008

Microsoft XP SP 3 The Reboot Monster

I'm not a High tech person, I'm pretty simple really and not very demanding all I want is for something to work properly. I tried installing SP 3 on My AMD machine. I read all the paperwork on known issues and thought I was safe, needless to say I was not.

I ended up getting the endless reboot monster. I was lucky though I was able to get into a safe mode where I could do a restore some people are not even able to do that! Now I'm spending hours fixing everything reinstalling security fixes and that does not even cover my losses.

I'm sick and tired of Microsoft putting out things that break your computer at what point should they be held financially liable? My thoughts are the only time we are going to see them take responsibility is when it Hurts their pocket book.

I'm going to take a wait and see approach though, as I know Microsoft is Blaming HP for using an alleged disk image that was only to be used for Intel machines, but I think Hp is saying Microsoft put in an unnecessary driver that is causing the crashes either way I'm one ticked off customer. I also don't think this is an isolated event please take the time to report your problems with Microsofts XP SP 3 here. You will also find some links below to some helpful info.

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