Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fallout Three & DRM SecuRom For PC

A lot of debate has focused around Bethesda's choice of using SecuRom for DRM protection on the PC version of Fallout Three. I have the game for Playstation Three so I'm happy That I don't like to play video games on the PC as I would not like any Third Party software checking my computer.

There has been some debate as to what was disclosed or not disclosed By Bethesda about what would be on the PC ROM Disc as of this date they just say that the software performs a simple disk check, though some gamers have made allegations that SecuRom acts in some ways like a rootkit and that if true is a very scary thought for PC Gamers.

I would be pleased to hear from anyone with technical knowledge of SecuROm and how it behaves on Fallout Three to either support the allegations of it being a rootkit or a somewhat harmless diskcheck, either way there seems to have been some issues about disclosure and the rights of customers to know what third party software is being installed on their computers. That in my opinion with any company should be transparent.

Please find the links below to The Bethesda Blog Post and Board Discussions around this issue. Also let me know what your thoughts are around this issue and DRM managment.

Bethesda Blog

Bethesda Weboard Thread About SecuRom


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